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Postby mildlycerous » Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:08 am

Dag MacLugh wrote:Recently, I bought a copy of Cornwell's book, "Portrait Of A Killer" because the subject interests me, and the book only cost fifty cents at a 2nd hand store. I got about fifty pages into the book before I became convinced Cornwell was much more interested in advancing a thesis than actually investigating the Ripper murders. I read somewhere that DNA testing supplied a connection to an individual whose name I can't recall, but sounded foreign, possibly Slavic. This man was also high on the list of POIs. Anyone know anything about this?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Kosminski This guy. Apparently the ozzy guy doing the DNA made an error but they found seamen, facial matter and blood on the shawl (as far as I recall).

Edit: I`ve seen in the UK that they didn`t find any DNA when the shawl was tested later. Kosminski was the prime suspect mentioned in one of the investigating detectives memoirs but was withheld for years so as not to cause anti-Semitic rioting.

When it comes to the ripper, most books are heavily slanted towards a pet suspect. Cornwell paid 7 million I believe in her search. Fifty cents isn`t bad considering the book likely has all of the crimes and their details contained. I paid about the same for Gary Stewart`s book and many on here paid full price :D :lol:
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