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Re: Zodiac identified... :D

Postby sandy betts » Fri May 19, 2017 4:17 am

Thanks Mr Lowe for the information about the can of tape with the name St.Paul at the bottom. Interesting St. Paul, reminded me of the Saint Donna letter sent to Donna's sister Mary.

There was another Paul that I remember who came into my work place "Lucky Lanes" in San Pablo. He was always alone and brought me a pretty watch, not sure if it was for my birthday or not? That was about 1964.
He was a plumber who did live in Vallejo. I do not remember his last name, he looked pretty close to the SFPD composite. I wasn't afraid of him and there wasn't anything that would make me think he was evil. I felt sorry for him because he seemed lonely.He was always very nice to me, I don't think he ever asked me out? He was sort of shy and was about 30 to 35 yrs old, light thinning hair. Not a crew cut, no glasses, medium build not stocky.

He didn't look anything like the stocky man with the round head with brown curly hair, who followed me from Vallejo to Napa in 1968, he still lurks around from time to time.
That one is scary!
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Re: Zodiac identified... :D

Postby Quicktrader » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:01 am

Regarding the 'my name is on the bottom lid of a scotch tape' issue..Z's last name could also have been 'Mininger', which is a last name matching the my-name-is cipher, too, as the Scotch tape company is actually 'Minnesota Mining & MFG Co.'..just an idea.

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Re: Zodiac identified... :D

Postby sandy betts » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:12 am

I still think that the RH written at RCC, is the best clue to the killers real name. A few weeks ago a detective who is looking at the case about my suspect. Noticed that there was a name found from one of the many phone traps I had back in the 90's, that I was never told about.
That name is Roberto Hernandez.
On one of my several trips to Riverside years ago, I found a Roberto Hernandez who had made a claim for a mine in Riverside county. He bought 20 acres in March 1966. The handwriting on the claim looks a lot like Zodiac's!

Thinking about that mine, made me think about the victim Dana Lull, who was put in a mine shaft north of Las Vegas.Did her killer just stumble by a mine shaft, or did he know about it because he was looking for mines in that area at one time?

The name R Hernandez fits one of the codes and the full name of Robert Hernandez fits another code. " It me thee hipi robeet" was a clue left for me about the 18 letter code. He added at the bottom of that information, "5 E's the fifth letter, 3 I's the 9th letter. Not sure what to make of that? Except 5+3= 8 and there were 3 8's in the code. The 8th letter of the alphabet being H.
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