Cars from the Z case

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Cars from the Z case

Postby Paul_Averly » Thu May 05, 2016 3:15 pm

I was reading about how they found OJ's Bronco, and how it's a collectors item. ... -1.2524911

Got me thinking, where are the cars that were involved in this case today?

-The LHR Rambler with bullet holes.

-Darleen's Corvair. It's was said to be cleaned by her father after her murder. So I would assume it was still usable.

-Bryan's VW Karmannghia. Napa has the door, so did he keep the rest of the car?

-The Stine cab may have been put back into use.

-And also the Zodiac's own car/cars. It's possible they were sold years ago and still exist today.
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