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Re: May 8, a connection to Zodiac?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:46 pm
by Theforeigner
Seagull wrote:Well, the Santa Rosa KMart is no more. It was lost to fire this morning. The entire shopping center was lost as well as hundreds of homes and businesses.

KMart Santa Rosa burning 10-9-17.PNG

Oh Seagull I read about all those horrible fires in northern california :shock: and pray to that you and everyone else
from those areas is ok <3

Re: May 8, a connection to Zodiac?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:07 pm
by Mr lowe
you guys are certainly having a tough time.
wishing you safe times ahead.

Re: May 8, a connection to Zodiac?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:23 pm
by Seagull
Thanks! I am safe. I moved over to the coast a few years ago but most all of my family still lives in Napa and Sonoma counties. So far so good for all of them but one sister has her car packed and ready to go should she be told to evacuate. There is no containment for any of the fires, they are still in evacuation mode and resources are stretched thin because there are so many fires.

Re: May 8, a connection to Zodiac?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:49 pm
by Bayarea60s
Seagull....I think the row of buildings which includes like a Togos in that complex survived. But for sure that KMart is no more. I drove by that KMart every morning M-F for 18 years, worked up on Fountain Grove. It's hard to digest. I've never seen a firestorm like that in N. Ca....Maybe the Oakland Hills Fire in the early 90's. And I understand Calistoga got hit hard last night.
Now back to Z and KMart. I recall having a discussion with a group of SR natives one day and they all recalled the bomb threat to KMart when it occurred.

Re: May 8, a connection to Zodiac?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:14 pm
by Zamantha
Know families evacuated from their homes & business's in Santa Rosa, Napa & Clearlake. Know of people on stand by in other towns. Know one family that lost their home & everything they owned. Know of friends family's that lost their homes.
There's been reports of people, possibly in a Black Honda in Middletown that started a fire. The people that saw that, stopped & stomped out the fire. In Fairfied, two people were caught starting a fire. They had the same match's in their pockets, that started the fire next to them & also burnt boots!
Yes, some were from the high winds & PGE power lines. But not in all these towns? If I had to bet money, some were started by arsonist's. Some of the Fire victims stories are just too too sad!
All caught arsonists should be locked up forever, never to be released!


Re: May 8, a connection to Zodiac?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:54 am
by sandy betts
Druzer wrote:
morf13 wrote:Not sure if this was posted yet, but here's details on the 1970 Bomb threat, have not found anything about 1969 yet

Hi Seagull, not sure if you saw this earlier post from Morph, but it seems RG was at least right about the May 8, 1970 kmart threat. Why he stated that there was a threat on the same day a year earlier in Santa Rosa is still a mystery.

If it was true ( And I believe it was) that Zodiac made a bomb threat on May 8th 69 and again May 8th 70 , he also sent a letter on May 8th 1974 the "Badlands letter". Some of us have noticed that Zodiac favored the number 3, the three May 8th letters makes sense to me. Was he drawing attention to that date which ironically I believe was Jim Phillips birthday? Perhaps setting him up as a suspect? Also the three 8's in the my name cypher. 8th letter of the alphabet "H".

I was living in Napa when the bomb threats and picking off the kiddies came out. My children took the bus to school ,it was a scary time. So scary that I moved from Napa by Nov.1970. For a few months I wasn't bothered by the odd phone calls I had been receiving back in Napa. They started again after I moved, the heavy breathing saying nothing. My car constantly tampered with. I had no idea who it was, I don't think I was thinking it could be Zodiac?

Lets not forget that LE felt that Zodiac was committing his crimes to get front page news, believe it or not some information was suppressed because if that. To this day when a call is made by someone claiming to be Zodiac and telling the police where he has left a body, it isn't put in the news paper. Partly because it is believed to be a hoax by some in LE but not all, even though the body was where the caller said it was.

This may or may not be of interest,but at the time I thought it was. I was looking at a suspect who was a professor at a collage in Santa Rosa in the early 70's, he was from NY.middle aged. He was going through a nasty divorce and had young teen children. The divorce papers showed the bills that he was told to pay. They were car payments, child support and a bill to" K-Mart". Back then the wife got everything and the husband got all of the bills. I knew about the K-Mart bomb threat, so when I saw K-Mart in the papers it caught my attention.