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Postby UKSpycatcher » Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:15 am

"It's also uncertain if the greasy fingerprints recovered from CJB's car belong to her assailant.
The wristwatch is also not 100% certain is from her attacker.
The only evidence that is 100% certain is the hair and skin recovered from CJB's hand."

There is a lot of uncertainty in the Zodiac case and Riverside murder Monarch. All we have is likelihood in many instances. It is likely the person who disabled her vehicle murdered her and therefore likely contributed the fingerprints. It is likely the person observed in Paul Stine's taxicab was the murderer, but not conclusive. Without a video recording of each event, I tend to go with the likelihood of one thing being true over another. Nobody can say the wristwatch was definitely wrenched off in the attack, it may have been planted etc. However this was a vicious close combat attack, the killer likely left skin, hair and possibly fingerprints at the scene. I tend to believe the wristwatch was just another error on his part and the whole crime scene seems to indicate inexperience from a killer, who undoubtedly would have been caught had he committed this today.

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Postby Paul_Averly » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:41 am

All we need to know is that in 1966, RPD was positive BB was the perp. They were sold on it, but 30 years later DNA ended up not matching. Many cold cases from pre-DNA were later solved by DNA matching an early suspect.

RPD tried very hard to find any evidence that connected BobB. If they had any match, DNA / prints / writing, BB would have been locked up years ago. So its safe to say they don't have anything physical connecting him.
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