Largo's Zodiac ciphers font

Largo's Zodiac ciphers font

Postby doranchak » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:23 am

Forum member Largo created a fantastic Zodiac ciphers font that is extremely useful for many applications. It kind of got buried in some cipher-related threads so I wanted to make a separate topic for it.

His font was originally in his Peek-a-boo tool in the "fonts" folder.

Direct download for Z340 font: ... n.ttf?dl=0
Direct download for Z408 font:

I adapted Largo's font for web use and combined them into a single font, and made each symbol a constant width, making it easier to display cipher texts in a grid format. I also drew in the missing symbols from Z13 and Z32, and moved the symbols around to match the webtoy transcription. Here is a sample of what the ciphers look like in this font:


Here is a live demonstration of the web-based font: ... phers.html
And here you can download the font in TrueType format: ... ebfont.ttf

The font has been getting good use. Examples include smokie treat's spreadsheets:


Borkky's Zodiac web widget:


And my Cipher Explorer tool:

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