Is the poem about Suicide, Murder, or something else?

Re: Is the poem about Suicide, Murder, or something else?

Postby CuriousCat » Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:20 pm

I've been reading through The Mikado as we know it influenced Zodiac. We see it in his later letters and I wondered when exactly the influence on Zodiac began, so looked through his earliest letters but there isn't much there, other than the use of "shall" which is used a lot in the Mikado.

I then read through it with a mind towards the desk top poem, and I know I'm making a big leap here, but there might be some Mikado influence on the desk top poem.

The poem seems to be about a girl wanting to die, and there is act in the Mikado about the same, a woman wanting to die.

This opening line from the desk top poem...

Sick of living/unwilling to die

seems very similar to the opening of this act here...

Alone, and yet alive! Oh, sepulchre!
My soul is still my body's prisoner!
Remote the peace that Death alone can give —
My doom, to wait! my punishment, to live!

It just seems to me to be the same sentiment, tired of life and wanting to die. "alone, and yet alive!" is also the title of this act.

There is also this in the desk top poem...

she won't die.

which seems very similar to this line in The Mikado.

But do not die,
Though with each breath
They long for death

Here it is a link to the entire act so everyone can compare for themselves... ... _yet_alive

In another act from the Mikado, "The criminal cried as he dropped him down" this stood out..

As the sabre true
Cut cleanly through
His cervical vertebrae,

as it is also in the desktop poem...


Link to this act... ... d_him_down

There is more I found that relates to the "Confession letter" which I will post elsewhere.
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