Albany NY Medical Center letter/cipher August 1973

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morf13 wrote:Couldn't help but notice the timing of this;

"Flash forward 40 years to the most extensive manhunt in the history of the Adirondacks.

For 12 days in 1973, upstate New York was spellbound by reports of a vicious four-time killer loose in the mountains, escaping one dragnet search of the wilderness after another, eluding tracking dogs and hundreds of police.

Robert F. Garrow, who once lived in Albany, killed with a sadistic bent campers and others.

Each August day of the search a different Times Union reporter showed up at the scene in Hamilton County near the wilds of Speculator, where Garrow had tied a Schenectady teenage camper to a tree and stabbed him to death, touching off the search.


I ran into this:

This is from July, 1978, and mentions ones " knew" that Zodiac was Robert ________________. I wonder if there is anything to this as to be above Robert Garrow.

Has anyone else run into this information before??


Reporters would check in with police at a command post, but then often found themselves near the center of police activity. While not directly involved with trying to flush Garrow out of the woods with which he was so familiar, reporters were nearby. Perhaps not as close to the action as Joe O'Heaney was, but far closer than a police reporter would get today.

Often, the press now learns of a crime by checking e-mail and finding a news release dispatched by a police agency's public information officer.

In a stolen car, Garrow escaped by roaring through a roadblock in the Speculator-Indian Lake area. A troop car in hot pursuit lost a fan belt as Garrow sped off. Garrow ended up at his hometown of Witherbee. Police trailed the killer's nephew, teenager David Mandy, who took food to his uncle in a thicket about a half-mile from the home, and Garrow was shot and captured by state Environmental Conservation Department Officer Hillary LeBlanc of Ballston Spa.

In September 1978, Garrow broke out of Fishkill State Prison by scaling a 15-foot barbed wire fence and eluded police for three days before he was killed in a gun battle with correction officers while still on prison grounds."

For those of you that don't know, Garrow was convicted of a murder in which he told his victims something very similar to what z told his victims at Berryessa, that he was an escaped prisoner and was taking their car to Mexico, or something along those lines.

Here's a bit;

"Garrow went over to the first tent he saw. He pointed his weapon at Carol Ann Malinowski and David Freeman who were still in their sleeping bag. "There was this couple in this tent," he said at trial, "they had no clothes on...I had my rifle with me and I asked them for some gas...I remember her putting her pants on...I don't think she put a bra on, she didn't have one." He soon rounded up all four campers at gunpoint and told them he wanted to siphon some gas out of their car. But Phil Domblewski objected. Garrow brandished his rifle and pointed it at the group. He marched them all into the woods. "I've killed before and I will again if I have to!" he told the frightened teenagers.

Garrow was physically a big man. He weighed 210 pounds and stood 5 feet 11 inches. He was larger and more intimidating than any of the campers. "Then is where everything, you know, all that pressure where I went berserk, I didn't know what to do," he told the court later. Once he herded them into the woods, he tied them all to separate trees, out of sight of one another. "I remember having people tie each other up and, I don't know which one tied which one up...the girl was tied up last," Garrow said. The terrified victims tried to reason with the stranger but Garrow seemed not to hear them. Domblewski especially refused to back down."

I had some articles about this, and recall the details and conversation went down similar to zodiacs at Berryessa, not saying there is a connection to z, but find it odd that while this guy that was from Albany was on the loose in Aug 73, a possible z cipher was mailed from Albany
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Re: Albany NY Medical Center letter/cipher August 1973

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Please check out what I wrote in the middle of a story about Robert F. Garrow, as a possible Zodiac, IN THE ABOVE MESSAGE FROM MORF.

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