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Postby traveller1st » Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:10 am

tracers wrote:Thanks, Tahoe! I read Moby Dick in college. Some parts were quite enthralling, other chapters were dull as dishwater.

I can certainly see college students finding the book tedious and enjoying seeing a pin that takes a jab at Melville.

Gets my vote for the badge's meaning. Well conveyed. I read Moby Dick as a challenge to myself. Really good actually except for the aforementioned middle bit. That was a trawl, excuse the fishing related pun.
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Re: Melvin Eats Bluber

Postby entropy » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:10 am

So perhaps the description of this as a Hippie protest button is what is inaccurate and it is simply representing a protest by folks from the same age group being forced to endure boring classical literature when they could be off doing more important things?
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Re: Melvin Eats Bluber

Postby tracers » Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:27 pm

I think some of the "counterculture" buttons from that era were not so much political in nature as just anti-establishment. Some of the "eat" buttons, of course, could have a sexual connotation as well depending on what the rest of the button said. And Ishmael and Queekweg (spelling) shared a bunk in Moby Dick, iirc, and some critics speculated they were more than just friends. Since Melville also spent time on a whaling ship, and much has been speculated as to just what the men at sea did for sexual release when they might spends months upon months on a ship, perhaps the Melville Eats Blubber slogan is also alluding to the idea that Melville engaged in some homosexual activity while at sea, which would make the slogan a veiled reference to something the establishment back then did not condone.
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Re: Melvin Eats Bluber

Postby smithy » Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:27 am

I refuse to accept that interpretation so no, I'm not changing my avatar.
I may change it to U2S's marvellous new white image, mind you. Maybe in spring.
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Re: Melvin Eats Bluber

Postby ZodiacRevisited » Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:50 am

morf13 wrote:"...In the January 2012 Metal Media article, Weisfeld described his father's creation of a 60s fad button (Melville Eats Blubber) which was cited in letters written by San Francisco's Zodiac Killer (who twisted the button into, "Melvin Eats Blubber", a swipe at lawyer Melvin Belli ) as inspiration for his button extortion plot against the city. The Zodiac threatened to blow up a school bus if he did not see people wearing "Zodiac Buttons". The school bus threat became a central element of the film Dirty Harry, a film which, ironically, had been a strong influence on on Weisfeld's creative development when he was a teenager. The original Melvin Eats Blubber button was produced by the Horatio Button Company, named for Weisfeld when he was a child, several years before the Zodiac killings began."

Emphasis added. Not sure if other people have seen this, but I found that there's a 52-page preview of the above-mentioned issue of Heavy Metal Magazine online at:

There are two pages of the article in question at page 36 of the pdf (page 61 of the magazine). I can't tell if the second page is the end of the article or not... It doesn't say too much, except that the "Melville Eats Blubber" was "something of a sequel" to the "Shakespeare Eats Bacon" button. Apparently, it was hilarious to suggest that famous authors ate things...
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Re: Melvin Eats Bluber

Postby Mr lowe » Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:32 am

Maybe z was the dude who made and sold buttons And magnetic key rings marketing stuff . May be he was trying to get his sales up.

Edit.. Z has a little pecker. Now that's a good button
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