11/8/69 Dripping Pen Card & 340 Cipher

Re: 11/8/69 Dripping Pen Card & 340 Cipher

Postby Norse » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:43 pm

The confusion is probably just due to the two missives following so closely on each other.

If Z had a particular plan regarding this, it might have been something like this:

1. Send card with taunt (he mockingly cheers them up before giving them the bad news, the latter being the bus bomb, which he announces in his letter the following day) plus cipher.

2. Send bus bomb letter including piece of shirt (to verify that it's really him, thus also verifying the card - which is clearly and pretty much undeniably linked to the BB letter by content and by the fact that it was sent on the previous day).

As for the DP envelope's location being unknown, I don't know what to make of that - but there are images of both the BB and the DP envelopes, so there is no doubt there were two separate communications (DP = Nov 8 and BB = Nov 9).
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Re: 11/8/69 Dripping Pen Card & 340 Cipher

Postby Floris » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:27 pm

It might be not important but i noticed that the envelop has the words "Rush to editor" written at an angle. I think this might be a clue on the z340.

I was even more interested when i saw the envelop of the halloween card sent to Avery.I always felt the halloween card was meant to encourage Avery to keep working to get closer to the true identity of the Zodiac. That It contained a clue.The envelop contains the words "sorry no cipher" written in a cross.

I wish to see if one of my assumptions is correct.
1. 340 is not a cipher at all, just a false lead to buy time.
2. 340 is a cipher but cant be solved when read in a traditional way. The marks. (-) in the middle suggest to me the actual text is centered in the middle. This could mean the text is in a cross shape in the center like the envelops might suggest.
3. I think Its also plausibel that the letters "sorrynocipher" actually correspond with the letters in the cross. This should provide a basis to solve the rest..

What do you guys think?is it worth trying?
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