Estimating Zodiac's age through handwriting style

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Estimating Zodiac's age through handwriting style

Postby jamesmsv » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:23 am

I am currently putting two young children through school and it highlights how much influence teaching styles of the time have on handwriting style. My kids certainly write differently to how I was taught, and it got me thinking about the sheer number of people who seem to have similar writing to Zodiac, and whether this could be a product of similar age or country/area of origin.
With that in mind, a quick search of the types of handwriting taught in the USA brings up websites such as this :
which, whilst informative, do not provide any promising leads from what I see.
It would be great if we have any forum members who may have schooled around the same time as Zodiac's age range (so I'm guessing schooled late 1940s-1960 or thereabouts), and if any of them recognise the handwriting style as being similar to how they were also taught. I acknowledge this is a small point but it might help in some way to narrow down Z's age or whether he was native to CA or elsewhere.
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