The Zodiac’s 37 – Post 4

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The Zodiac’s 37 – Post 4

Postby Soze » Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:13 pm

In my last post entitled “Des July Aug Sept Oct = 7 – Post 3”,, I laid out the theory that the cryptic message must be rewritten as July Aug Sept Oct = 7, that the months reference Zodiac communications and, the 7 related to 7 codes found within those communications.

We know from later letters that the Zodiac continued his count. We know, aside from a suspected letter, that his count ended on January 29, 1974 with a count of 37. For my theory to be correct, the theory must continue on in the same fashion as I described and, end with 37.

This post will be to lay out the 37.

November 9, 1969:

This letter begins as a rehash or reminder of his count from October 1969. No new counts and no new clues. There are a couple of issues going on with this letter: The bus bomb and the crosshair with 5 x’s.

Regarding the bus bomb:

I created a post on the subject of the bus bomb in 2010 on the ZK site and posted it here on this site in 2013. It is entitled here as “Bus bomb diagrams – A map?” -

Regarding the crosshair with 5 x’s:

I bring up the topic of the crosshair with 5 x’s in my unfinished work regarding the post entitled “Longitude, Latitude & the Phillips 66 Map” -

December 20, 1969:

In this letter to Melvin Belli the Zodiac states:

“I am afraid I will loose control again and take my nineth + possibly tenth victom”.

Here he alludes to having already killed an 8th victim and that two more may be next. As I have alluded to previously, the Zodiac never killed beyond the 5 confirmed (6, if you count Cheri, which I do) and, stated specifically that his count referred to codes he encoded within his letters. In this letter there should only be one code. I see nothing in the way of codes except for one:

8. The Stamp – Thomas Jefferson

April 20, 1970:

In this communication the Zodiac is claiming 2 more victims and has a count of 10. Again, there is the issue of the bus bomb and, it can be seen by viewing the post “Bus bomb diagrams – A map?” - link above. But what’s important here is in the fact that there is only one code, not 2, encoded in this letter. That code is the word CID.

For a long time I was left saying WTF? He is claiming 10, 2 more from the latter letter but, there is only one code. I poured over this letter and poured over this letter thinking what did I miss? Then I started beating myself up thinking that maybe this theory was wrong, especially, when you take into consideration the age of the person representing the word CID.

9. CID – Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

April 28, 1970:

But then we come to this communication from the Zodiac, commonly known as, the dragon card. Here the Zodiac talks about the bomb and the blast that will take place. He says that “If you don’t want me to have this blast you must do two things:

1. Tell everyone about the bus bomb with all details
2. I would like to see some nice Zodiac butons wandering about town”

There is no new count by the Zodiac and no reiteration of the count 8 days earlier. However, there is one code in this communication:

10. Melvin Eats Bluber – Herman Melville (Moby Dick)

So what I am thinking here is two things:

1. He actually meant to include both codes in the April 20, 1969 communication when he made his count, got ahead of himself and, left one out. This resulting in him having to write again 8 days later to include the 2nd code or
2. He intentionally broke up the 2 codes to confuse

I would like to say, given all his misdirection and confusion before with the word cipher and the cryptic message Des July Aug Sept Oct = 7, that this was just another form of confusion. But I think that’s really just too easy and convenient. I ultimately believe he simply screwed up and just forgot. A boo-boo on the part of the Zodiac.

June 26, 1970:

This communication involves a new 13 character cipher, a map, threats of more violence and, a new count of 12. I wrote a piece on the map and cipher entitled “Longitude, Latitude & the Phillips 66 Map” - link above. There are two codes within this communication and both are described within the piece I wrote. One code, trilateration, is thanks in part to Mr. Lowe and his theory of JASON - The codes:

11. The map – Frank and Lee Eldas Phillips
12. Trilateration (method for solving cipher) – Alfred Lebbeus Loomis

July 24, 1970:

This letter is about the Kathleen Johns incident. There is no new count and no reiteration of a previous count. I see no new codes for this communication other than the possible Kathleen Johns. While I don’t believe that Kathleen Johns was an actual attempted victim simply based on her statements and, do believe that the Zodiac was just taking credit for her claims, the Zodiac, if she had been an attempted victim, would not have counted her anyway. It’s too personal. To further add, I know where the end result leads to the Zodiac’s codes and, in all my efforts to consider her, I can’t place her within the plaintext for an end result. She just isn’t there.

July 26, 1970:

There are several things going on with this letter and will likely need to write a supplement on it as well. Two particulars are “On top of everything else” and “twisted shoes”. In this letter the Zodiac gives a new count of 13. Pouring over his letter, the first two pages, I can find one code:

13. Deep Heat – Albert Alexander Hyde

October 27, 1970:

Oh my. Here we have a communication that clearly alludes to one more victim and a count of 14. However, this letter has 28 codes with 16 of them, being a dual purpose for counting. This communication is reminiscent to me of the April 28, 1970 where the Zodiac provides one code but claims two. There I thought he did one of two things:

1. He actually meant to include both codes in the April 20, 1969 communication, got ahead of himself and, left one out. This resulting in him having to write again 8 days later to include the 2nd code or
2. He intentionally broke up the 2 codes to confuse

I ultimately believed the Zodiac just forgot to include the other code. In this letter I actually think the opposite occurred. I believe he intentionally didn’t count the remaining 15 codes to confuse. I will go ahead and list one of the 16 as his 14th count but will wait to list the remainder of the 16 for later in this post. It should be evident later why I chose to wait. In the meantime, if you are interested, you may view my complete write up on this communication by looking up the entitled post “A Halloween Card Symbolism Breakdown” -

When you read the post and, my inclusion of Paul Avery as number 14, you will come to know that I have since changed my mind about the threat against Paul Avery. Sort of.

14. 14/4-teen – Paul Avery

March 13, 1971:

This letter is about Paul Avery’s reporting of Cheri Jo Bates murder and his failure to recognize the codes the Zodiac provided in his communication dated October 27, 1970. The Zodiac alludes that he is fairly pissed and says that he writes the times because “they don’t bury me on the back pages like some of the others”. Quite possibly true. Paul Avery did fail him by going outside of the Zodiac’s communication. However, there were three other reasons why the Zodiac chose to write the L.A. Times:

15. L.A. Times – Founder – Nathan Cole
16. L.A. Times – Take over – Thomas J Yarnell
17. L.A. Times – Take over – Harrison Gray Otis

In the Zodiac’s March 13, 1971 communication he gives a count of 17+. Above I have listed the three additions that make up the 17. That still leaves the plus. I think the plus is indicating the carryover from the previous letter where the Zodiac provides 16 codes for dual purpose but only counts one. He is still only counting 3 here and the plus is to come.

January 29, 1974:

This is the last communication by the Zodiac where he gives a count. His count here is 37. The difference between this letter and the last is a count of 20.
I wrote a piece on this particular letter on April 5, 2013 based on work that I performed in 2010. The piece is entitled “Exorcist letter symbol: A link to the Department of the Interior” -

In this write up I give a description of what the symbols at the bottom of the Zodiac’s communication represent as a whole and break it down into 8 subcategories. The 8 subcategories are as follows:

1. Muir Woods
2. Brooks Island
3. Treasure Island
4. Alcatraz Island
5. U.S. Mint
6. U.S. Federal 9th Circuit Court House and Post Office
7. National Carbon Company
8. Islais Creek

There probably should be a 9th given the section just below Treasure Island which I believe represent I-80. I wonder if that portion of the highway was named after a particular individual.

In any event, what I determined, was the following:

1. Muir Woods – William Kent
2. Brooks Island – Bing Crosby
3. Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson
4. Alcatraz Island – No known clue
5. U.S. Mint – Frank Aleamon Leach
6. U.S. Federal 9th Circuit Court House and Post Office – No known Clue
7. National Carbon Company – Washington H. Lawrence
8. Islais Creek – No known clue

In the above I have three items that I have been unable to find a reference for and possibly a 4th given I-80. The Zodiac doesn’t do anything without reason so there is still an expectation that the three and, maybe 4, will one day be found.

Given that the Zodiac doesn’t do anything without reason, I have to assume that all 8 are found and, add that to the Zodiac previous count of 17. This brings the total to 25 or 26 if you count the section of I-80. This leaves a remainder of 12 or 13 from the Zodiacs end count of 37.

The 15 that I did not list in the October 27, 1970 section are as follows:

1. Martha Bulloch
2. Alice Lee Roosevelt
3. Jedidiah Strong Smith
4. Theodore Roosevelt
5. Abel Stearns
6. Alan Bartlett Shepard
7. Juan Bandini
8. Louis Rubidoux
9. John Wesley North
10. Eliza Tibbets
11. John Henry Reed
12. Miguel Estudillo
13. Henry E Huntington
14. Charles M Loring
15. Ray Stanton Avery

Martha Bulloch and Alice Lee Roosevelt could possibly be combined given that the reason I list them is that they both passed away on the same day. I see no others that could possibly be merged to reduce the count down. So likely the 15 stays as is.

Given that only some of the Zodiac’s codes are used for a dual purpose it’s likely that 2 to 3 have to be removed as a dual purpose. Again, it doesn’t really matter who you place upon the list or remove as none of them would be missed. They all serve an end purpose.

Anyway, when I first began working on this I didn’t count the 3 that I couldn’t find solutions for. I made the assumption that the three were just nulls given the Islais Creek. Im not so sure that’s the case now. Anyway, the continuation of count is as follows:

18. Muir Woods – William Kent
19. Brooks Island – Bing Crosby
20. Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson
21. U.S. Mint – Frank Aleamon Leach
22. National Carbon Company – Washington H. Lawrence

Adding in the names not counted in the October 27, 1970 communication I ended up with the following:

23. Martha Bulloch
24. Alice Lee Roosevelt
25. Jedidiah Strong Smith
26. Theodore Roosevelt
27. Abel Stearns
28. Alan Bartlett Shepard
29. Juan Bandini
30. Louis Rubidoux
31. John Wesley North
32. Eliza Tibbets
33. John Henry Reed
34. Miguel Estudillo
35. Henry E Huntington
36. Charles M Loring
37. Ray Stanton Avery

For the record, the bulk of the names above, come from my own work. However, number 37, comes from Dave Doranchak and his digging into the stickers found on the Halloween card. I wouldn’t have had that name had it not been for his digging.

To further add, number 33, you may recognize the name. This name pops up when digging into a suspected Zodiac communication. I believe it was the draft board communication. The communication had drawings on it with what looked like a church or house on a hill. If memory serves me correctly the land all of this was on and, maybe even the church or the house, is connected to John Henry Reed.

There are other communications that are commonly suspected Zodiac. One such communication is the Edward C. Adams communication. This communication I can say is the work of the Zodiac and it’s based on how the Zodiac is operating when writing his letters and codes, as well as, the end result. There are other communications such as the Atlanta child killing forced bussing communication, the card to Donna Lass’s sister and even the Steve McQueen communication that fall in line with how the Zodiac operates. I will address all of this later.

Still to come: The supplements and the end result


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